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Alina Miller, DDS

Dr. Alina Miller's journey into dentistry started with her high school robotics team. Born and raised in the heart of California - Fresno, to be exact - Dr. Miller was part of a robotics team in high school, sparking an interest in building tangible things. However, in college, she realized that while she loved creation, she wanted a deeper human connection. Dentistry perfectly combines her passion for intricate, delicate creativity and her desire to make a difference in people's lives.

She pursued her undergraduate studies in molecular toxicology at the prestigious UC Berkeley. Her love for the subject stemmed from the practical application of biochemistry to enhance human life. This foundation took her to dental school at UCLA, followed by a hospital-based residency there, giving her a comprehensive understanding of the connection between oral and whole-body health.

Dr. Miller is passionate about patients' oral health, alleviating pain, and providing proactive treatments to prevent infections and disease. She applies her extensive knowledge of biology to her dental care, ensuring patients a future that leads to a healthier mouth and a lifetime of smiles for the whole family.

While her professional life is a significant part of who she is, Dr. Miller is much more outside the dental office. Residing in Independence, MO, she spends her free time reading books, including deep dives into Greek Mythology, crafting with artificial flowers, and exploring hiking trails with her husband and their adorable rescue dog, Bink – a beagle/bulldog mix.

With a sense of humor, she jokes about having mastered the art of predicting the next lines from any given scene in Gilmore Girls. And she admits to buying all of Aldi's weekly specials, particularly their cheeses.

On her bucket list? Dr. Miller dreams of visiting historical sites in Egypt and the Levant. And a last, fun tidbit: Dr. Miller has a twin brother. He may have been a mere six minutes behind her during birth, but according to her, he's been late for everything ever since! An eclectic mix of quirks, passion, knowledge, and expertise, Dr. Miller is more than just your dentist; she's a testament to life's incredible journey when you follow your passion.

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